Monday, May 30, 2011

Life on the Mountain

I have been at the Lama Foundation for over two intense and gratifying weeks. Working on the land, preparing beds and planting, bee keeping, working at a community garden near by and last but not least living in community with about 22 wonderful folks...

Lama Dome
The Dome at Lama Foundation

Circle for meals
every meal time we circle up, the cook present the meal (vegetarian with dairy-free options) and we usually sing a song picked by the cook.

Stage Coach hot spring
sometimes on days off a group of us goes to the "stage-coach hot springs" in the near by Rio Grande gorge

I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of wonderful, intense activities that have been happening here... there are too many to recall so I have decided to post a bush of pictures and hopefully in future posts go into specific things in more details....

ng on Hail
planting cale starts in the middle of a hail storm... in the near by Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch.

the portal, where we all gather to eat our meals

Baby Yak
playing with a baby Yak!!!

Bee keeping
bee keeping our own hive

main green house
the main green house where everything comes to life!!!

Drew working the land
Drew, preparing a new bed...

Thanks for your support!! I'll be in touch!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spontaneous Opportunities

Since leaving Las Vegas, I have been having a great time Hitch-biking my way through the long and vast lands of the south-west. Always having the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people, friends of friends, that help me along the way... You know who you are, Thank you!

Grand Canyon 2
Grand Canyon south rim

Grand Canyon 4
a path to nothingness

Because of some really good rides I was able to give myself a couple of extra days to explore the inside of the Grand Canyon. I set off as a solo back packer, but soon found myself surrounded by new friends from all corners of the map. The grand canyon is a magical place, every layer that you go through changes the climate, altitude, vegetation, etc...

Grand Canyon 18
at the bridge over the Colorado river

Grand Canyon 29
me on the Bright Angel Trail

The Grand Canyon is a very spiritual place that if you care to connect you may feel immediately revitalized by the powerful energy of our ancestors. I personally had moments of pure bliss whenever I took the time to stop and let the energy sink into my veins.

Grand Canyon 33
the wall

Grand Canyon 35
trail view

After this adventure I got a ride from a super friendly fellow cyclist all the way to Durango, CO. Where I stayed with my friend Katie's brother, Danny for a few days. I had a good time in Durango and had an opportunity to look after a few errands before moving forward. We really enjoyed each others company and decided to take little road trip to Taos, via The Great Sand Dunes National Park. Another astonishing place full of great power.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Great Sand Dunes National Park
Surreal landscapes with snow peaked
Sangre de Cristo mountains on the background

This was the icing on the cake; a ride to Taos with an opportunity to see some other amazing places all while being in great company. Plus, my left foot has been hurting since to hike in the Grand Canyon and it would be wise to just let it rest before putting much strain on it.

Today I find myself in Taos, NM at my friend Christina's parent's (Jim and Lynda) home. Again amazing coincidences that goes way beyond the description of a chance meeting. Some would called it Fate. Thank You!

Tomorrow I will go to the Lama Foundation to start the Permaculture Internship and there I will be until early October 2011. Working with the land and living in community. I will try to post updates as the learning continues... thanks for reading!

Watch a slide show of the Grand Canyon by clicking here

Friday, April 29, 2011

Vegas experience:

My time in Vegas has been certainly very different from most tourist that come here. I stayed at my friends home, he is a performer in Love by Cirque de Solei, and of course most his friends are performers too; quite an interesting crowd. I have taken a couple of hike down at the Red Rock National Park and have seen several shows, Love and Mistere by Cirque and another production called Absinthe. All of these were amazing and sometime really funny.

Ekenah & I - back stage of Love
Ekenah and I back stage of Love

On Tuesday evening, a most unexpected pain on my teeth started to attack and after a sleepless night I decide to seek help. After making after several phone calls I got an appointment at a friend's dentist who diagnosed me needing a root canal on a pre-molar. the following two days were a roller coster of thought mixed with emotions accompanied by pain. There was an idea of going to Brazil in order to cut expenses, but after a day o research, making phone calls and other stuff I figured that it would end up costing the same amount to do it here. Plus the amount of pollution of a flight and haslle of travel would not make up the short two weeks in the motherland.

Red Rock, NV
Red Rock National Park

As soon as I made the decision to stay I received great support and help from everyone around me, namely Ekenah, Maricau, Randy, Peter, Gene, Felipe. Thank you... into the evening Randy put me in touch with an old friend of his that is a dentist; Brett he fit me into his busy schedule and gave me a great discounted price. This morning I find myself refreshed and ready for the journey to come... Thanks to everyone who gave me support in anyway during these days here is Vegas...

Red Rock
Resting on a fallen tree

Now with a sligthly shorter time-line it is of greater possibility that I will end up trying to hicth-bike most of the way to the Lama Foundation...

stay tuned...

Enjoy the photos and videos on my flickr page (click here)

Friday, April 22, 2011

What is a Hitch-Biker?

East view

My time here at The Flying Disc Ranch is coming to an end and even though the mud house is still not complete (see most recent slide show of the site), it is time to set sail from here. Where to? I need to get to northern New Mexico in 3 weeks (May 16th). I will be going via Las Vegas, as I have a long overdue visit to a friend (Ekenah), and will get to go to see him perform in Cirque de Solei. From there to the Lama Foundation the route is still not clear, except that I would like to see some contacts in Durango and Crestone CO.

Travel me, on the road of life

The journey ahead (around 750m/1200km) is adopting a new kind of thinking in terms of trasportation. I have done some experimenting and now have been coming to terms with this new concept of travel that depending on some factors can easily double the distance traveled in one day... I call it Hitch-Biking... "Imagine yourself biking down the road at any given point you glace back and see a pick-up truck coming down the road. With in a split second you might decide to stick your left arm out with the thumb pointing up. Chances are, they will pass you with out the blink of an eye, however, it might strike them as intriguing and interesting to pick up a hitch-biker. They would at lease be up for some interesting conversations... Once stopped you will spend a few instances getting the bike on the back, but soon after you'll be back on the road resting, catching up on your miles and making new friends. this way if you don't get any rides you can still enjoy the road and don't waste time waiting for a ride... It come to you!"

Ranchita, CA
Here is my first hitch-biking ride in Ranchita, California

This is it for me... Will keep in touch as the road reveals its contour to me...

- one love