Monday, May 30, 2011

Life on the Mountain

I have been at the Lama Foundation for over two intense and gratifying weeks. Working on the land, preparing beds and planting, bee keeping, working at a community garden near by and last but not least living in community with about 22 wonderful folks...

Lama Dome
The Dome at Lama Foundation

Circle for meals
every meal time we circle up, the cook present the meal (vegetarian with dairy-free options) and we usually sing a song picked by the cook.

Stage Coach hot spring
sometimes on days off a group of us goes to the "stage-coach hot springs" in the near by Rio Grande gorge

I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of wonderful, intense activities that have been happening here... there are too many to recall so I have decided to post a bush of pictures and hopefully in future posts go into specific things in more details....

ng on Hail
planting cale starts in the middle of a hail storm... in the near by Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch.

the portal, where we all gather to eat our meals

Baby Yak
playing with a baby Yak!!!

Bee keeping
bee keeping our own hive

main green house
the main green house where everything comes to life!!!

Drew working the land
Drew, preparing a new bed...

Thanks for your support!! I'll be in touch!

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JMP-M said...

Hi Lalo,
I love your blog! Very inspirational. I hope that you are well at lovely Lama. Peace,